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Space and Science Links

Mars Polar Lander Launch Photos:
Captain Bold's Page:
Where is the Mars Polar Lander right now?:

Hello Kids, Scientist, Astronuats and Engineers of the FUTURE

This is it... this is the page where you can meet each other, see each other's photos, contact each other, get linked to NASA and other Science information, even get yourself a free life time e-mail address to give your Participant friends... If you are participant and you want your photo to appear in this site you can have it done.. Have your family or yourself to scan your photo in jpg and e-mail it to me along with your information. I will insert your photo for free to the site, if you want me to scan your photo or 35mm film send them to me along with check for 2$, if you want page like Ozzy with your e-mail address and your photo then send me 5$ Check and make it payable to Bilge Kalpak and send it to 8119 West 170th Street MN 55044 USA...

You are number to visit Mars Polar Lander Kids Connection site