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TURKISH COFFEE SET Coffee Set - SOLD OUT Click for larger view Two demitasse cups, coffee mill, coffee pot and coffee beans. SOLD OUT
BRASS TURKISH COFFEE MILL Turkish Coffee Mill - Click for larger view Brass coffee mill. 29.95
BACKGAMMON BOARD Backgammon Set - Click for larger view Motherpearl Inlaid Handmade Wood Backgammon Board. Made in Turkey. $69.95
PRAYER'S BEADS "TESBIH" Tesbih - Click for larger view 925K Sterling Silver Prayer's Beads. Made in Turkey. $31.95
100% MOHAIR BLANKET Blanket - Click for larger view 100% Natural Mohair Double Blanket. Hand Made in Turkey. $79.95
HUNTER'S MOHAIR VEST/JACKET Click for larger view 100% Mohair Hunter's Jacket/Vest. Made in Turkey. $25.95
SILVER PILL BOX Pill Box - Click for larger view 925K Sterling Silver Pill Box with Red Akid Stone. Made in Turkey. SOLD OUT
MURSID THE HOLY QUR'AN Mursid - Click for larger view Complete Holy Qur'an Mursid CD for PC, with Turkish Commands. English Translation as it recites. Made in Turkey. $24.95
HISTORY OF THE PROPHETS History of the Prophets - Click for larger view History of the Prophets. Made in Turkey. Written by Prof. Dr. Nurettin Uzunoglu $24.95
THE HOLY QUR'AN cross The Holy Qur'an translation and commentary meanings. Translated by Prof. Dr. Nurettin Uzunoglu. Made in Turkey. only $29.95
PRAYER'S BEADS(hard plastic) cross 99 molded hard plastic prayer's beads with Allah (sav) and Mohammad (pbuh) names carved on each. Made in Turkey. $6.95
KUFI cross Hand made colorful Kufis. Made in Turkey. $6.95
STERLING CHARM Sterling Charm - Click to Enlarge Pure Silver Charms with Glass tube. Filled with miniture verse of Ayetul Kursi. Made in Turkey.$24.95

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